Welcome to visit Huaren Pharmaceutical group


Corporate mission: undertake the important responsibility of health and life, and serve human health

Corporate vision: strive to become a pharmaceutical and health industry group integrating medicine, medical equipment and medical services.

Corporate spirit: active thinking, quick action, wolf spirit

Enterprise core values: loyalty, responsibility, pragmatism, cooperation

Corporate culture concept:

1. Talent concept: know people, use people, love people, cultivate people, respect people

2. Quality and safety concept: quality • life - shoulder the trust of life, responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai

3. Product concept: environmental protection, health and  safety

4. Market concept: brand first, service first

5. Service concept: customer problems are our topics

6. Manufacturing philosophy: pay attention to details to control the process to create results

7. Technical concept: learn from imitation products to create new products

8. Innovation concept: business innovation, R&D innovation, management innovation, model innovation, cultural innovation

9. Learning philosophy: the unity of knowledge and action, and the application of what you have learned

Corporate management concept:

Five Technical Management:

    Total quality management

    Total buget management

    Total performance management

    Total marketing management

    Total information management

Corporate slogan:Health life,starting from scratch