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Practice the quality concept of "quality • life", introduce european and international leading core equipment and inspection equipment, implement total quality management, strictly follow the national GMP standards and SFDA requirements, the products fully meet the US FDA and European Pharmacopoeia standards, realize the quality control of the whole process from product development to user use, and be responsible for life and health from the details.

The digital production workshop integrates SAP system (planning), MES system, SCADA system (production process), fully automatic three-dimensional warehouse WMS system (warehousing process) and electronic supervision code system required by the state (transportation and use process), establishes an information system covering the whole life cycle of drugs, and realizes quality management of the whole life cycle from registration process, production materials, warehousing and delivery to user use.

Production capacity:

At present, the company has 19 soft bag production lines, 4 peritoneal dialysis production lines, 2 plastic bottle production lines and 1 glass bottle production line, with a total production capacity of 530 million bottles/bag.

Equipment capacity:

The company's soft bag infusion production line has introduced German PLUMAT filling equipment, and key equipment such as water production and sterilization are at the leading level in China.

Quality management:

The company implements full-staff, all-round and whole-process quality management, and formulates internal standards higher than national standards for important indicators in the inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials and finished products.