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Huaren Pharmaceutical has once again been shortlisted in the "Top 100 Chinese Chemical Pharmaceutical Enterprises Ranking" and has risen to 86th place

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Recently, the 2022 Mi Si Hui (China Medical and Health Industry Symbiosis Conference), hosted by Mi Nei Net, a subsidiary of the Southern Institute of Pharmaceutical Economics under the State Food and Drug Administration, kicked off in Huzhou, China. The conference solemnly unveiled the list of China's top 100 pharmaceutical industry in 2021. Huaren Pharmaceutical has once again been nominated for the "2021 Top 100 Chinese Chemical and Pharmaceutical Enterprises Ranking", ranking up to 86th. This is also the third consecutive year since 2019 that the company has been listed on the Top 100 list of China's pharmaceutical industry.

It is reported that the "Top 100 Series of Chinese Medical Industry Rankings" was initiated and hosted by the leading platform of Chinese medical and health information, Mi Nei Net, with the aim of setting a benchmark for domestic pharmaceutical industry enterprises to enhance their comprehensive strength and expand brand effectiveness, showcasing the outstanding style of the pharmaceutical brand industry, and guiding the stable, rapid, and sustainable development of the pharmaceutical and health industry.

This selection focuses on the innovation driving force and professional promotion force of pharmaceutical industry enterprises. The innovation driving force is mainly evaluated based on the R&D comprehensive indicators of enterprise research and development investment. The focus of professional promotion force is rigidly defined based on the terminal quantitative data determined by the final selection needs of clinical doctors and patients. Finally, quantitative analysis is conducted based on the exclusive data of three major terminals and six major market terminals on Mi Nei Net, We have selected the "2021 China Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100 Series List", which is highly authoritative in the industry.