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Huaren Pharmaceutical's "Dosothylline Injection" won the 2021 Excellent Product Brand in China's Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry

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On October 12th, the 2021 China Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Brand Summit was held in Wuhan. At the meeting, a list of 25 awards was released for the "2021 China Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Brand Cultivation Plan - Excellent Enterprises and Products" series. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Huaren Pharmaceutical, Xingxing Pharmaceutical, has won the title of Excellent Respiratory System Product Brand for its product Doxophylline Injection.

This list is jointly recommended by 5 units including the China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, China Pharmaceutical Business Association, and China Over the Counter Drug Association. Following the principles of "objectivity, scientificity, and impartiality", it has been approved by the Brand Recommendation Expert Committee. This summit released a total of 25 awards from two sectors, with over a hundred well-known enterprises that have demonstrated outstanding brand competitiveness, new drug research and innovation in 2020 on the list.